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In this list, you’ll find all my Indie Type Beats, influenced by artists different sub-genres such as Indie Rock, Indie Pop, Dream Pop, Bedroom Pop, Alternative R&B and Alternative Hip Hop.

Professional Sounding Instrumentals

All my Indie Type beats are composed, recorded, mixed and mastered by me in my own studio. I’m a producer and multi-instrumentalist, so I record everything myself.

If you’re a singer and/or songwriter looking for Indie instrumentals to create your own songs, you’ve arrived at the right place.

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Basic License

  • Semi-professional license that is typically used by beginner artists that want to promote their song on SoundCloud or YouTube (non-monetised)
  • This license comes with an industry quality single WAV-track but not with tracked out files.
  • Distribution on all major platforms is limited and paid performances and radio airplay is not permitted.

Premium License

  • Professional license that is the most popular among artists that are releasing their song on platforms like Spotify, iTunes or perform with the song in live (paid) performances.
  • This license comes with high quality tracked out files which are essential for mixing songs professionally.
  • We do not recommend this license if you’re looking to create a music video for YouTube.

Unlimited License

  • Professional license with no limitations on streams, plays or sales.
  • This license is generally purchased by artists that believe their song has the potential to surpass the streaming caps of other licenses.
  • We strongly recommend this license to artists that want to create and monetise a music video for YouTube.

Looking for Custom Beats?

Meet your producer! 👋🏼

My name is Ezequiel and I’m a musician and music producer based in Madrid.

I’ve been doing music for the past fifteen years. Everything started when my father bought my first guitar for my 15th birthday. Since then, music took over my entire life. I’ve played in several alternative/rock bands during my teenage years and since 2010 I decided to focus 100% on studio stuff and music production.

My beats are influenced by Indie Rock, Indie Pop, Dream Pop, Shoegaze, Alternative R&B, Bedroom Pop and more. My aim is to always create tracks that sound like anything else. I hope you like them!



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